Instramental Music Centre

... let music add colour to your life!

At Instramental Music Centre it is our goal to enrich your life by bringing the joy of music into it - from CDs and Music DVDs to Instruments, Accessories and Music Technology. Our Music School offers lessons in Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Vocals, Drums, Violin and more. Our expertise extends to keeping your instrument in tip-top condition as we offer repair services for all instruments and musical technologies. We also work to find new homes for pre-loved instruments and as we are a licensed second-hand dealer, we have a range of pre-owned instruments for the budget-concious through to the serious collector. 

Here at Instramental, we work to keep musical heritage alive through our second hand dealings. We are fully licensed to trade in pre-owned goods and aim to find your instruments and accessories new homes when you move on from them,

Buying second-hand is a great option if you're looking to strike the best deal or add to your collection.  We restore all our used products to working conditions so they are ready for their new owners.

We trade in a vast variety of used instruments from the obscure to the ultra-famous. 

Stay tuned for online browsing and purchasing of pre-loved products or visit us in-store now.

If you have a used instrument or accessory that you would like to part ways with, please contact us in-store.
We can even help you restore and repair instruments.

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